I was disagnosed with Meniere’s Disease 7 years ago. I suffered with very bad pressure and pain in my ears and also was dizzy all the time. I went to 5 medical doctors who only prescribed drugs – I was on Klonopin for 6 years. I was not getting better. I also had IBS with constipation for 15 yrs! I was hospitalized for that and the MD’s prescribed drugs also. I suffered with irritability, frustration and drove my family to their wits end. This affected my whole life. Then I came to CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC and NEUROLOGY. Since my treatments, the EAR PRESSURE and PAIN are GONE! Dizziness – GONE. NO Meds anymore. My IBS-C is corrected. No MEDS anymore. My life has CHANGED! I love coming here. Thank you Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr

I had vertigo, balance issues, dizziness and nausea off and on for years. I went to several MD’s (and the hospital) and took drugs and nothing helped. Then in April 2016, all the problems returned and never stopped. Vertigo and dizziness affected EVERY part of my life. I couldn’t drive, go to the store, do housework or go to events. The ONLY PEACE I got when I was SLEEPING. Then I got lucky, a friend saw Dr. Childs on Facebook and I called and made my first appointment. WOW, since starting with Dr. Childs, EVERYTHING HAS IMPROVED – EVERYTHING. During my first appointment with Dr. Childs, I asked him to give me my life back and he did just that- GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. The doctors and staff here are professional, caring, and personal with one goal – to make us well again. Thank you.

"Prior to coming to see Dr Childs, I had Sjögren’s syndrome, a neurological speech impediment, balance problems, Peripheral Neuropathy and Insomnia. All these problems affected my life, the worst was my speech problem which made it hard to speak or be understood. Then, my MD prescribe a medication for my Sjögren’s that he said would damage my liver. So… I decided to come and see Dr. Childs. Since coming here, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! I have stoped using all my meds. My normal speech has returned! My Peripheral Neuropathy and Sjögren’s are improving. I sleep without AMBIEN! And last, there is the diet, healthy and losing weight. I am here to tell you, if you are suffering – stop, call Dr. Childs and start getting better."

"I’ve had dizzy spells for 20 years, my MD kept giving me different medicines, then spells got much worse and became daily, so I saw Corrective Chiropractic on the web and decided to try them. Dr. Durr got my blood tests back and the diagnosis was “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. The treatment is a special diet, supplements and excersize – and I have not had a dizzy spell in two months AND I also lost 25 pounds and am MUCH healthier!"

"I live alone, and when I started falling my MD could not diagnose my problems. I came to Dr. Childs and and testing determined parts of my brain were not in sync and I started corrective physical and neurological excersizes. Blood work showed a food alergy and my diet was changed and the imflamation reduced. Since starting care, EVERYTHING HAS IMPROVED, I don’t fall, I’ve LOST 40 pounds and my BP is down. Now I can feel secure because I live alone and do not have to worry any more."

"I suffered with vertigo for 20 years, could not drive in the rain, hard to keep a job – an was living from day-to-day; NOW after treatment, I feel better, can walk up/down stairs, drive – AND I am more open with people and not afraid of vertigo."

“I was on disability because of my vertigo, now after treatment with Dr. Childs – I am going back to work!”

“I did not think chiropractic could help with my balance issues, so I asked Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs – and I am totally amazed that they were able to help me immediately and my instability is GONE!”

“Since Care at Dr. Childs’ and Dr. Durr’s clinic, I dont fall any more and I am much improved….”

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